In order to use the trade, you must carefully read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

EN GATE FX Terms of Use
EN GATE FX is open to anyone who understands, reads, and writes the language of the corresponding country, who has committed to abide by the EN GATE FX Terms of Use, and who agrees to the Terms of Use.

Terms and Conditions for Opening an Account
You can open an account simply by entering the required information on the account opening form and an account number will be issued, but you will be required to provide identification for withdrawal processing. In addition, a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or other photo identification) is required for the withdrawal application. The address on your ID card and your registered address must be the same. In addition, the ID must be within the expiration date. No third party can open an account on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions for Deposit
EN GATE FX does not accept deposits from third parties. When making a deposit, please use the name of your trading account. To deposit funds into your trading account, please log in to My Page, click on “Request Deposit” from the menu in My Page, and follow the necessary steps and details to complete your deposit.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawals
EN GATE FX does not accept any withdrawal requests from third parties. We will only accept withdrawal requests from domestic financial institutions whose name is the same as the account holder’s name and whose country of residence or nationality is the same as the account holder’s name. Withdrawal requests made in the name of a third party will be rejected. To withdraw funds from your trading account, please log in to My Page, click “Withdrawal Request” from My Page, and confirm the necessary steps and details before proceeding to complete your withdrawal request. We keep the same amount of funds in segregation as your investment funds, so you can trade with confidence, and withdrawals can be made directly from My Page for faster and smoother transactions.

Terms and Conditions for Execution
The execution rate of EN GATE FX is 99%. This is not a figure for a specific client account alone, but for all orders received by EN GATE FX, as well as the execution rate. The numbers may be updated periodically depending on the market. The larger the number of lots, the more difficult it tends to be to execute. This is a basic point when using FX companies, and is also true for other companies. Please understand and be aware of this.

Identity Verification
Applicants applying for withdrawal at EN GATE FX are required to submit personal identification documents. The required documents for withdrawal applications must be photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.). Your registered address and the address on the certificate must be the same, otherwise your withdrawal request will not be accepted. If they do not match, we will not be able to accept your withdrawal request.

EN GATE FX will segregate funds in an amount equal to the amount of your funds under management.

Account Deletion and Account Termination Requests
Requests for account deletion and account cancellation at EN GATE FX should be submitted by the account holder using the email address registered with the account holder via the Contact Us Form. After confirming the contents of the request, we will delete the account and terminate the account within 3 business days. We do not issue any written documents regarding account deletion or account termination. If, for some reason, a third party is to act on your behalf, you will be required to provide us with a document showing your relationship with the account holder.

Transaction Reports
Please obtain the transaction reports required for tax returns, etc. from MT4 in person. Earlier reports are archived and can be downloaded in CSV format from My Page, but the items and specifications are not necessarily the same as those on MT4. If you delete your EN GATE FX account or close your account, you will not be able to log in and retrieve your entire history. Before deleting your account or closing your account with EN GATE FX, you are responsible for retrieving the necessary data. Please note that we are not able to retrieve the data.

Prohibition of transfer of rights and use for commercial purposes
Users shall not transfer or lend their rights and obligations acquired in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use or their EN GATE FX IDs to any third party. In addition, users shall not use EN GATE FX for commercial purposes beyond the scope and method of use stipulated in the EN GATE FX Terms of Use without the permission of EN GATE FX.

User Information and Privacy Policy
Users shall comply with the privacy policy separately stipulated by EN GATE FX.

Notices to users will be sent via e-mail or each user’s My Page. In addition, trade announcements and changes to the Terms of Use are generally made by displaying a link to such announcements within EN GATE FX.